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When You Least Expect It
Sunday, June 13, 2010, 10:13 AM

Almost all of the time this is true. This time, it proved to be something important.

Remember how we have been waiting for the USPS confirmation that the I-129F Package was already delivered? But instead of receiving that, J received a confirmation that the check got cashed. It was a good thing though, at least we were sure that USCIS received the package. The check getting cashed was the only confirmation that made us a little sane for a moment. We were playing the paranoid game ever since we mailed the I-129F package. We just started this game with USCIS and we need much sanity as possible.

I've read a dozen timelines in VJ since signing up and I know we have a long way to go. It's like every morning when I wake up, I look at my Google Chrome bookmarks and click on VJ. It's something my fingers voluntary do. And J was doing the same thing. (If he's reading this, he's gonna deny it for sure! Haha) To challenge me, J and I had a bet on who would be able to ignore VJ for the longest time. No prices. It was just for the pleasure of sanity check. But yesterday, after coming home from a mini-family reunion.. I lost the bet.

Chazzie posted a comment on my VJ page and an email notification came through advising me about it. I clicked on the blue link that was so tempting.

She asked me if we have received our NOA1. Chazzie and I, and a few more Pinay Fiancées, sent the I-129F on the same day. So we were like checking on each other's statuses, sorta like to track the progress of each other's application. When J woke up, I asked him if he had checked the mail. He might be the laziest guy on earth when it comes to picking up the mail so I was so surprised when he asked me, "Not yet, do you want me to check it?"

After a few minutes, he was like.. "Hon, look!"

There goes the USPS confirmation we have been waiting for. I don't really know if it has been there since the stamped date of 03 June. But I don't really care, 'coz look at the other thing he got in the mail. :)

That is our First Notice of Action, or the so called NOA1 which is really just a receipt notice that... well... that they've received your I-129F and that they'll be processing it. The good thing about it is that the receipt number can be used to track what's happening with your application and you can do this online by going through the USCIS website. Now J is subscribed to mobile and email alerts, which would just help us forget all about the application and just be sane again.

Now, we're just praying for a speedy approval with no reworks or Request For Evidence/s (RFEs). Crossing our fingers now. Ciao!

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