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Medical Boredom
Thursday, August 26, 2010, 5:21 PM

As the rain pours down my window pane, I just realized how thankful I am for being pain free at last. After battling an almost three-week sore throat, I woke up the other day feeling anew. I also got my throat culture back from Lung Center, Dr. Nacpil found that the bacteria I've had was resistant to Augmentin. I'm now in my third day of taking Pneumocal, which is another strong antibiotic. But after that I'm pill free too! :)

To finish off my pre-medical check-up, an x-ray image of my chest area was done with normal chest findings.   Say hello to my lungs.. and rib cages! :p

In other news, I headed down to St. Luke's a while ago and finished the first day of my medical. Lucky me I got out of there just in time for lunch. My fully charged iPod  helped me with boredom. Remember to bring the following on your medical:
  • Your Passport
  • Photocopy of your US Embassy letter with your MNL case number
  • Photocopy/Print-out of your Appointment Confirmation from US Embassy 
  • 4 Pieces of 2x2 US Visa Photos (white background and no earrings allowed)
  • Black Pen
  • Payment of $213.35 which is paid in Peso
I paid exactly Php 9,814.10. I had runny nose so I went and brought a huge travel pack of tissue, water, and Oreo which was handy for hunger pangs. The form that needs to be filled out asks for your information, your petitioner's details and also asked for a nearest relative in the US, their name, your relationship with them, their address and contact number. 

Got there at around 6:30am and was done and over with by 11:30am. The tests include x-ray, vital signs including blood pressure, pulse rate, height and weight, eye exam with and without my eye glasses, physical exam which was really quick and painless, blood extraction, urine analysis, and an interview about previous vaccines. Tomorrow I'll be back to get my results and three immunization shots too! Let's all say NO to sputum test!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. God is good so I'm keeping my faith that I'll pass the medical. ;)

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