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Recommended Book for Couples: All About Us.
Friday, September 17, 2010, 11:05 AM

Last May, on my 25th birthday, one of my best friends Jeff gave me another book as a present. He’s a true reader, trying to read at least 25 books in a year. I’ve had half-read books all over my room. I just get bored easily. But this book that he has given me was unexpected. When I browsed through the book, I just saw lines and tons of it. On closer inspection, it was a question and answers kind of a book that is entitled “All About Us.” And as I’ve clarified on my Facebook photo caption, “us” is for J and me. A gift fit for my birthday and a bachelorette party, I guess.

Say hi to Jeff, taken during my birthday dinner at Balducci's, Eastwood Mall.

Why am I recommending this? It has certain questions that are bordering to embarrassing and sometimes weird to ask. It will help both of you to get to know your partner much better. You can write the answers to the questions by yourself or together. What J and I do, while video chatting, we answer the questions verbally. Sometimes I find myself admitting that I didn’t know that fact about J. We just get a lot of funny moments and this book just kills the boredom of the after lunch feeling when you’re just so tempted to take a nap. (With J’s case, when his getting insomnia attacks and Xbox 360 can’t cure it. :p) Really fun to read as long as you are open with each other. One rule we set up for ourselves -- answer the questions in all honesty. :)

Here are some sample question and a general feel of the book.

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