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This Too Shall Pass
Sunday, September 5, 2010, 12:08 PM

Amidst all the excitement that I have right now, my heart just wants to burst while my eyes started flowing with tears.

I enjoy serious talks with J like planning our vacations, finding the best house to buy, talking about our future kids and their piano lessons, where to retire and how I badly need to cook although this becomes a hilarious banter every now and then.  But yesterday, when I saw J’s face, I just knew it was something more serious. He didn’t want to speak at first. He was afraid that whatever will come out of his mouth will distract me from my upcoming visa interview. No, it’s not about our relationship. We are a happy couple full of love for each other. It’s just his crisp plan for me to be with him before the end of this year seems to be changing. It’s something private and we want to keep it that way. But let’s just say that after the storm of curses, he gave a frustrated sigh, said sorry for being so furious, and with his permission, I walked out not wanting to break down in front of him. 

Earlier that day, we were playing a game of question and answer. From a book, a close friend of mine gave me for my birthday, was a question that just made both of us laugh. It asks, “What problem of your partner’s did you think you could solve when you first met?” We paused for a few, and said at exactly the same time, “Do we even have a problem?” We giggled as we realized that we were so lucky. Others may say that long distance relationship just doesn’t work or even lasts. But at the very beginning of our relationship we decided, as a couple, that we will never consider distance as a hindrance for our relationship to work. It wasn’t… not until now. I miss him terribly and at this very moment, when we’re both in our weakest, a hug would do wonders.

Writing about this is not a sign of giving up. It’s just a view that a little happy princess sometimes do get sad. Sadness for me is a process to enjoy, because I believe that you’ll never truly appreciate what happiness is without getting hurt in the journey. This is a challenge that will make us stronger in the end.  I’m confident that we will find the time to laugh again at the thought of being so lucky—to be with each other.

"The storm comes. The waves threaten to overwhelm the boat. But Jesus sleeps peacefully. It is my belief, and increasingly my experience, that by His grace, we too can sleep peacefully through this storm."


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