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True Friends
Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 10:45 AM

The MAFIA over the years. 
From 2007, 2008 and 2009
 on our Circles Christmas Tradition.

I’ve been friends with them since high school but the two girls who were present has been part of my life since sewing and cross stitching was a part of grade school curriculum. We tagged ourselves the Mafia. I’ve always felt someday, we’ll make something worth the name. And today, they successfully kidnapped me.

A knock on my bedroom door was all it took for me to get up so quick, Superman will be so ashamed. I knew it would be them. I just knew.

The kidnappers forced me to sit still on the edge of the seat as the car drove away. But they offered me a nylon purple jacket to cover the sleepwear I was in, a cup of free Starbucks coffee, and surprisingly a handful of beautifully hand wrapped Christmas presents! And at one corner of Starbucks, amidst the two Korean speaking females and the other crowd, I felt one of the Mafia grab my left arm. I cannot remember what happened next but only his words echo until now.

“Let me just say, from all of us, we miss you.”

Little by little, my eyes swelled up with tears as he began a litany of words. I’ve realized so many things in my head while he kept repeating his and the entire Mafia’s point. I calmed down as the two Mafia leaders, Bowdy and Jeff, stroked my back. When I thought I was out of tears, a bucket more fell as Bowdy voiced out what he felt I badly needed to hear.

“With all that happened in your life, all the heartaches and pain, 
you are lucky to find this much happiness in J. 
But you can’t just disappear because we want to be a part of that happiness.”

He was right. I thought closing my eyes and pretending I’m strong enough to detach myself from them was my one and only solution for this. But having them around me, feeling hurt and knowing they were frustrated, made this process even more excruciating.

What the hell was I thinking anyways? These were the group of people who knew exactly what they need to offer to make my hurt less painful. They were the people who encouraged me to go back to school; the people who offered me the extra pineapple in their pizza just because I want more of it; and they were the same people who gave me a bucket of caramel popcorn on my mom’s wake because they knew exactly that at that moment it was my one and only happy pill.  They are the Mafias and I am a part of them. They are the people who I grew up with. The people I love. And the same group of people I’ll be leaving behind in a month’s time. It hurts spending every single second with them but it hurts even more to stay far away from them when I'm still here. Our hearts have been together through all the happiness and through the most trying time, this definitely is on top of that list.

A pack of tissue was passed to me. A familiar silence followed. New people are easy to forget but how can you forget the ones who have been with you in all the happy memories you can think of? In front of me were the people who I tried to run away from but they kept running after me refusing to give up. The Mafia are my true friends.

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