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I-693 and Booster Shots
Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 9:05 AM

And yes I've been shot, yet again! :p

We've been finishing up all the paperwork for my Adjustment of Status (AOS) and it has been so time consuming. Almost all the forms were very easy to fill out and understand except for one requirement -- the I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. If you have a valid K1 Visa from the Philippines, you might ask why you need to go through another medical and get the shots again? So here it is, blogging my own experience.

Basically, most of the immunization shots given at St. Luke's when you had your first medical needs to be followed by booster shots when you get here in the States. So at St. Luke's I was given three shots MMR, Varicella/Chickenpox and Tdap/Tetanus. And before a civil surgeon can transfer my vaccination record (DS-3025 from St. Lukes), I was required to get the same booster shots.

What do you need to check before saying yes and paying for the shots? Check your DS-3025, if at the bottom there's a check mark on "Vaccination History Incomplete" then you don't have a choice, you need the booster shots!

So what you really need to do? You need to find a civil surgeon to check your vaccination record and transfer it to the I-693. You don't need another physical exam if your Philippine Medical Examination was less than a year ago. You only need to get the shots (if you need it) and the transcription of I-693. Here's the official list of all the Civil Surgeons near your area. You may ask around how much it will cost you. What J and I did was to go downtown to a public health center for my vaccinations. If you have kids, they give free immunization until 18 years of age. My MMR was $69 and Varicella was $102. Then we went to a civil surgeon and she checked vaccination records. We overlooked the Tdap, so I got that shot on the CS's office for $35. After the shot, she was ready to transcribe my vaccination records to the I-693 and that costs $75. We spent $281 to have the I-693 completed! Some insurance company cover the immunization costs, so you better check it before spending money.

So in the end, I've got a sealed envelope that is ready to be included in my AOS packet and a photocopy of my updated vaccination record.

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