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Monday, July 26, 2010, 4:35 PM

After having some salty encounter with Angelina Jolie, my J came home excited to book us an interview appointment. We tried a couple of days ago but the line kept hanging up on J, that's when we realized we were trying to reach them on a weekend. For those planning to call the US Embassy in Manila, this will be available in your Packet 4, but let me just give the number again:

1-888-8777-9888 (from the United Stated)
1-909-101-7878 (from the Philippines)
Available from 8:00am - 6:00 pm Mondays to Fridays only.

J, of course, used the 1800 number and was charged with a flat rate $18. This was a little cheaper for us since he stayed on the phone for almost 16 minutes. From the Philippines, you'll be charged Php53 per minute. I guess it's a personal choice of what to use, but you can also toss a coin if you're still not sure which service to avail. Funny how J presses too many buttons on his Sidekick whilst he was trying to enter his debit card details. Yup, the 1800 number allows you to use both your credit card or, like what J did his, debit card.

Tina, who helped out J, asked him some verification and continued on asking more details. Here's a rundown of the things that would be asked before you could choose a date for your interview:

- Manila/MNL Case Number
- Name of the Petitioner
- Name of the Beneficiary
- Beneficiary's birthday, residential address, mobile number & e-mail address

He was asked a date and we've always targeted the 8th of September. Not only was it our 14th month together as a couple but it is also the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. We're two big Catholic kids so I was excited when J confirmed that we got that date. He was also guided by Tina to visit the K1 Interview Requirements from the Manila US Embassy website and was advised to do the medical a week before the scheduled interview. (The interview guide that I've posted a few days ago might also help you. So here's the link to that.)

Before J hung up, he was given an appointment confirmation number and I've already received the e-mail confirmation too.

Well there it is, a screen shot of the e-mail I've received which I just need to print out. I will update you as soon we're done paying the fees and also after my medical. Hopefully I'm as healthy as a horse! :)

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