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Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 9:21 PM

Why hello there! I know I haven't been updating this blog religiously so that's why I'm taking this time to do it now! :) Just got extra time in my hand since I just finished a quest in Frontierville via Facebook and my J is actually doing his ab ripper via P90x. I got around 20 minutes in my hand and so I probably should stop the vomit of words.

What's for today, well it's "how to arrange your documents so that you can have an idiot-free day on your interview." Later on, I might update this same blog entry with photos of the ones that I've done so at least you have an idea of how everything will look like. Cool with that? As J would reply, "COOLios!" :p

Hot from today's mail is a copy of the letter I received from the US Embassy.

I know Packet 4 from Manila Embassy just asks you for tons and tons of requirements. But it all comes down to four things: 1. DS Forms, 2. Certificates, 3. Proof of Existing Relationship/Genuine Engagement and of course the 4. Evidence of Support. I've made the list below as per JORDANTONI09's post in VJ about how she did it, I will be sharing the link of course once I find it again.

I would make this my checklist as well so bear with me because I'm one of those over thinkers who have an unconfirmed obsessive-compulsive disorder attacks. Are you laughing? You should, because it's a joke! :p

DS Forms
This, I've read, will be submitted and you should have two separate sets.
-DS 156K
-DS 156
-DS 157

-DS 156
-DS 157

Read Packet 4 carefully on what other certificates you need, in my case, I only need 3.
-NSO Copy of Birth Certificate
-NSO Copy of CENOMAR (Certificate of no Marriage)
-NBI Clearance (The Green one which is good for Travel Abroad)

Proof of Existing Relationship/Genuine Engagement
This is couple-dependent. Some of you might have the same list as I have, some of you may have more or less. Just remember that the CO will have the right to ask for the original of whatever copies you've sent in your I-129F package. Our package has timeline from May 2009-May 2010. So for the interview, we will be updating it and adding details from June 2010 until around end of August 2010 as we're planning to schedule my interview on second week of September.
-Your Fiancé’s updated Intent to Marry Letter
-Original Receipt/Insurance/Warranty of Engagement Ring
-Original copies of Snail Mail
-Chat/Windows Live Messenger Logs
-Home/Mobile Phone Bills
- Online Purchases like flowers and gifts delivered to each other
-Money Transfer/Xoom.com Transactions
As proof of meeting each other within the last 2 years:
-Scanned Copy of Stamps on J's Passport
-Boarding Passes

Evidence of Support
Since the Embassy will request for the originals, J scanned everything that is on the list below.
-Notarized I-134
-Letter of Employment
-2 Years Worth of W2's and 1040's (He has only been working for 3 years and paperwork for his third year in the company will come out by the end of this year. So getting one is out of the question.)
-6 months worth of Pay Stubs
-Bank Statement
-Copy of Life Insurance

There, that's about it. I'm still waiting for the Original Copies from J, which he will be sending at the end of the month, like boarding passes of his flight to come here and our flights from Manila to Bacolod and vice versa. He's waiting for his latest bank statement that will come out by the 28th and after receiving that then express mail will be our new found BFF.

Here's my organizer, too. A good find in the world of National Bookstore! :)

Keep going back, I will be updating this entry and show you some more pictures. Ciao!

One of the most frequently asked questions are the complete list of things that you may need after getting your NOA2. I've posted blog entries about them herehere, and here. BUT PLEASE read the official information from the USEM Manila K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions HERE. You may need Adobe Reader to view the last link. God bless!

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