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Financial Documents received via Express Mail
Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 1:52 PM

We all know I have been sick, so apologies for those who have been waiting for updates. But what a big update this is! I'm almost done with my antibiotics, I've received all remaining paperworks that I need from J and say what... a new blog layout too? :p I hope you all like it. I think, it's cleaner version of what I had before. I've lost my comments page but hey the chat box is there for all of you to leave comments or just feel free to say anything. And although I want to thank J's insomnia attack, because I have too much time in my hands right now, I'm also wishing him a good rest as he has been working too hard lately.

Shall we begin?

It was late afternoon, last Thursday, when I received my USPS package from J, which was delivered via FedEx. We didn't know anything when we were trying to gather the paperworks. That's why I'll be sharing photos of it and its contents so that other people trying to complete the package will know the difference of a 1040 from a W2. It was a good thing that J's dad is anal about documents that he kept all of J's tax records since 2007. Also thanking my future mother-in-law for helping J gather all his pay stubs since January 2010. :)  We were actually done gathering those files in 10 minutes. Miss Michelle from his HR was also quick in trying to respond in giving him an employment letter and a copy of his insurance policy. The thing that we needed to wait for was the bank statement that came early August. With everything that was placed in separate envelopes, let's just say I received a hefty amount of original paperworks.

This is the exact copy of the US Embassy requirement with regard to financial documents or the Evidence of Support. As you can see, I've murdered my copy with an orange highlighter and my black pen.

You need SIX basic things to complete this evidence to "substantiate the I-134."

1. The two-page I-134 form, completed by your Fiancé and notarized.

2. US Federal Income Tax Return or Form 1040. I found that this has different versions, depends on whether your Fiancé completed his form manually or electronically.

3. Wage Statement or Form W2. The perforations are just a big temptation as I just want to tear it to pieces. :p

4. Employment letter stating salary.

5. Bank statement.

6. Pay stubs. Although not part of the requirement, it has been suggested many times in VJ to just bring some. J gets paid bi-weekly, so I have around 14 of his pay stubs!

Not only was he given a certificate to celebrate his third year in the same company but he was also given a raise. Proud of my J. :) A copy of that certificate is going with our files.

There you go, the exact things I received from J. Just a few reminders, because these are very important files, please do make it a point to photocopy them. Before J sent them, he also scanned all these. It's not bad being anal sometimes. We'll never know what might happen, right?

Besides, it does say in the Important Reminders:

"We will try to return documents that you submitted and asked us to return, but do not give us anything that cannot be replaced. Make copies of important documents and submit copies along with the originals you want returned to you."

One of the most frequently asked questions are the complete list of things that you may need after getting your NOA2. I've posted blog entries about them herehere, and here. BUT PLEASE read the official information from the USEM Manila K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions HERE. You may need Adobe Reader to view the last link. God bless! 

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