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Ready for the Interview
Monday, August 30, 2010, 9:44 AM

Yes, I am! And I hope you're getting ready too. :)

Well today, I had the time to take some photos of everything that I'll be bringing to the embassy for the interview. It's overwhelming to just look at these things and remember all the time I spent completing all the documents I need. Falling in line was the worst part but the rest like having things printed and photocopied was a breeze. I have everything I need and I'm now confident to head on to my interview.

This is it. Most of these things, if not all, have already been posted in my previous blog entries. I'm just reposting the completed version now.

I'll be bringing my folder, a heap of paper as the proof of genuine relationship, and plastic envelopes which hold original boarding passes and plane tickets in the pink one and our photos in the green one.

An overview of all the documents

A closer look.
You'll see the blue receipt from BDO, my USEM letter which has the St. Luke's stamp already as evidence that I went to the required medical examination, underneath that is the email printout of the USEM interview schedule and my completed DS forms.

Here is another shot of my NBI clearance, birth certificate and CENOMAR.

These are the financial documents that are separated as photocopies and originals, the proof of genuine relationship and my 2x2 photographs.

And lastly, a closer look of the two envelopes that hold boarding passes, plane tickets, hotel receipts and our photos.

I've even prepared three outfits for the interview itself. My J loves the second look but I like the third. So to lessen the argument, maybe I should wear the first. :p

And of course the shoes, I'd prefer flipflops or really flat sandals on regular days. Above are almost four-inch heels. I'm almost 5'9'' in those shoes. I look like a tower! But I guess that's where the extra confidence comes from. :p

To all those who are preparing for their upcoming interview, I wish all the best. :)

One of the most frequently asked questions are the complete list of things that you may need after getting your NOA2. I've posted blog entries about them herehere, and here. BUT PLEASE read the official information from the USEM Manila K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions HERE. You may need Adobe Reader to view the last link. God bless! 

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