I've always loved photoblogs. I feel like I'm more of a visual person than a writer. Sometimes though my brain loves to tell stories and thanks to Inquirer, one has been published already. So this blog will be a mix of both: things I see through my lens or letters I type down on my laptop. (: Best viewed using Google Chrome.
Frequently Asked Questions
Sunday, June 6, 2010, 11:12 AM

As the title describes it, these are all the questions that have been asked about me, J, us both or anything that has to do with us and this blog. It was getting kinda crowded on my side bar so I've decided to dedicate an entire blog post for it.

Let's begin!

1. While waiting for NOA2, what are the things we should prepare or things that my USC fiancé/e should prepare or send me?
After getting your NOA2, you may need these things and I've posted blog entries about them herehere, and here. BUT PLEASE read the official information from the USEm Manila K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions HERE. You may need Adobe Reader to view the last link. It's A LOT of things to gather, but believe me, when you're prepared it will make you less nervous. :)

2. How did you and J meet? 
-My mom (who's now in heaven) and J's aunt were best friends. They were trying to hook us up since we were 13/14-ish but our love story blossomed 10 years after that. Seems like it was really meant to be. :) 

3. So J isn't American?
- He is by citizenship but he's a mix of a Spanish dad and a Filipina mom. But since he stayed here in the Philippines until he was 14, he's more of a Filipino at heart.

4. What camera do you use? 
- I'm not a DSLR fanatic but I love my Sony DSC-R1 10.3 mpx camera. Some photos are taken with my Asus K40IJ webcam, or an old 5 mpx Canon camera I borrow from my cousin and some are taken from J's Sony T500 10.1 mpx. 

5. Can we email you, how?
- You may now send me any personal emails on americandreamofapinay@gmail.com and I will try my very best to reply ASAP. If it's about your visa journey as well, I'd just like to remind you that I can only tell you things based on my experience. :)

6. What is the story behind your blog name?
- Well all the names I wanted were already in use. At the time that I was registering for a blogger account I was thinking of what this blog will be for. I initially wanted to post my personal experience about our visa journey so I thought the name would be an instant-recall for others and J approved of the name. But the blog has evolved into something more close to my heart. It's now like an online diary of what J and I have been experiencing for the past months. :)

7. How often do you update your blog/entries?
- I've actually lost count. :p I write entries in random, sometimes posting two entries in a day. But I write them when things come, delivered or happened. I write as quickly as possible for all the details to be complete. But I'm naturally forgetful, so I may edit an entry and add that detail I forgot or post another photo or re-write things if my readers can't seem to grasp the entry quickly. 

8. Did you design this blog?
- I used to have a default blogger template but got tired of how messy it looked. So I went and Google things and found a website full of wonderful designs that anybody could use. It's on my side bar via credits if you want to check it out. I have enough knowledge about HTML codes I initially spent 4 hours to have this new look and I keep editing the side bar contents every now and then. As for the photos, I edit most of them via Photoshop, I have the CS3 portable version.


[ Written: 17 September 2010, 11:12 AM ]
[ Last Edited on: 18 September, 10:58 AM]


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